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Truly a heartwarming story. Brilliant, I really felt it when Maria passed away. And the promotion of peace and prosperity, as well as showing different cultures getting along. Like Russia and America. Truly an Anti-Coldwar statement. But then showing the minority as the little green alien guy and showing his hardships and struggles. I applaud you LardSticks. Peace to everyone.

That escalated quickly....

Dear lordy newgrounds. Front Page this piece of art.

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Beat it completely by focusing on Damage and Spread. So yeah overpowered gun makes it pretty easy, however the epic boss mode took a bit of strategy, take the axe guy out first and easy peezy.

Really unique man and cool, Challenging as well.

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Ehh you sound sooo... Empathetic. Not nearly as high powered as duke nukem is. Try putting more energy into my man.

andy2k13 responds:

Thanks for the feedback. I can give it another shot and post it.

Heres a tip from a guy who does an Ok Optimus Prime, Take your chin and make it touch your chest, then try to make your vocal chords vibrate and create reverb. And they all sound the same which sounds like your normal voice, only one that sounds kind of different is star scream. Also say stuff with feeling, the key to voice acting is acting. Get inside the characters, voices aside I wasn't feeling anything from you man. - I know this is harsh criticism, but my honest opinion on what you could work on. I swear, I ain't tryin' to be a dick, but people on this website will EAT YOU UP. If you go in with bad material.

Zeldafan217 responds:

thanks, it helps... I have heard this advice more times than I care to admit... however, I'm going to keep trying. maybe my emotions will flow eventually.

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Dat league reference tho. Better catch that jinx.

Da skin. D: It looks soo real.

Rated E for everyone.....

DotExecutables responds:

That caught me off guard and I laughed so hard.

I like to challenge and push my limits as I grow as an artist. Yaaaay, and people say I have a nice voice.

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