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7/10/13 by SkuhPlew

I've decided, voice acting/voice overs shall be my life.... SO YEAH. Lol, I'm not the best, but I know I'm not the worst. I hate hearing my voices, always something wrong. BUT YES, I would like challenging roles that aren't very comfortable for me to play. Also, any role that would push the boundaries of myself acting wise. Lets be honest. Any role at all. Lol, Any voice work you need done, if I have time, I've got chyu boo boo.


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Thanks for the link dude! Hmm... got thrown by the info on your user page (Maryland, United States). Durr, of course you mentioned where you're at in the thread O_o Just thought I'd visit here first before asking...

You live in Baltimore by any chance? Just wondering how bad it is compared to some of the cities in Jersey... Got a friend that lives in the West part of your state, and he's looking for work :\

8/9/13 SkuhPlew responds:

Nah, Virginia. D: And I hear Baltimore and DC are bad, so when I go in I just lock the doors. Never get lost in DC at dark. Sound advice. But, we have plenty of yards around. http://ww m/